'Never Have I Ever' Season 4: Everything We Know

The fourth and final season of the Netflix hit has already finished filming.

never have i ever season 4 news cast date
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It's almost time to say goodbye to our favorite messy teen Devi Vishwakumar (Maitreyi Ramakrishnan). Mindy Kaling (opens in new tab) and Lang Fisher's teen dramedy Never Have I Ever returned for season 3 this past Friday, following the boy-crazy brainiac through her junior year as she entered and left two (!) relationships and continued her journey of self-confidence. The show's creative team has confirmed that Devi's story will end with her senior year, and that the fourth and final season has already on the way. Here's what we know about our final year at Sherman Oaks High.

How does 'Never Have I Ever' season 3 end?

Devi has a busy year in season 3, as she becomes more comfortable with herself through her romances with Paxton (Darren Barnet) and newcomer Des (Anirudh Pisharody). At the end of the school year, Devi has an important choice to make: whether to finish her high school career at Sherman Oaks High or transfer to a special program at a prestigious Colorado boarding school. She also doesn't feel great about being the only virgin left in her friend group.

In the heartfelt finale, Devi decides to stay in Sherman Oaks, in an emotional scene where she says she needs more time with her mom Nalini (Poorna Jagannathan). She also decides to act on the feelings she's been forming for Ben (Jaren Lewison), heading to his house to possibly hook up. (The season ends before we see if they actually slept together, which, rude.)

When will 'Never Have I Ever' season 4 come out?

The final season of Never Have I Ever was announced way before season 4 even dropped, with Kaling and Fisher making the announcement via a letter to fans last March. Production on the final season started soon after, with Kaling sharing a pic from the writer's room (opens in new tab) in April. Per Elle (opens in new tab), season 4 finished filming in early August, with the cast hosting a send-off carnival where Fisher and Ramakrishnan both gave goodbye speeches.

So far, the show has followed a regular schedule, with season 1 hitting Netflix in April 2020, season 2 in July 2021, and season 3 this August. However, since season 4 got an early renewal and head start, we could see the final season hitting Netflix in late spring or early summer next year.

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As for the decision to make Devi and her friends' stories end with high school graduation, Kaling told Entertainment Tonight (opens in new tab) that the length of the series spanning the length of high school felt like "the perfect amount of time."

"Four seasons for a high school show felt like it made sense," she told the outlet. "They can’t be in high school forever. We've seen those shows. Like, you've been in high school for 12 years. What is going on here? Also, the actors get older and it starts looking insane that a 34-year-old is playing a 15-year-old."

Co-creator Fisher added in an Entertainment Weekly (opens in new tab) interview that she and Kaling decided not to go the route of teen shows that have their casts go to the same college.

"It feels false for everyone to go to college together," she told the outlet. "Or you have to introduce a whole new crew of characters that nobody cares about it. That's a hard move to make."

She added, "I think we felt like this is it, this is good. We can tell this tale and end it the way we want to on a high note and really finish out senior year and it will feel satisfying."

Who in the cast will return for 'Never Have I Ever' season 4?

Since Devi's staying in Sherman Oaks, all of our favorite cast members will be returning for the final season, including Ramakrishnan (Devi), Lewison (Ben), Ramona Young (Eleanor), Lee Rodriguez (Fabiola), Megan Suri (Aneesa), Poorna Jagannathan (Nalini), Richa Moorjani (Kamala), Utkarsh Ambudkar (Mr. K), and Niecy Nash (Dr. Ryan).

The season 3 finale was also a big moment for Paxton (Darren Barnet), as he decided to enroll in Arizona State University for college. Though his graduation speech and conversation with Devi could seem like a goodbye for the character, Never Have I Ever really wouldn't be the same without that corner of Devi's love triangle. Luckily, Fisher agrees, as the co-creator confirmed to Deadline (opens in new tab) that Paxton will appear in season 4.

"I want you to know Paxton Hall-Yoshida is in Season 4. He’s in it as much as in Season 3, so the love triangle is not over," the writer told the outlet.

One cast member who won't return is newcomer Des (Anirudh Pisharody), as the actor confirmed to People (opens in new tab)

What will 'Never Have I Ever' season 4 be about?

Besides the fact that season 4 will show Devi's senior year, and all the milestones that will bring up, Fisher told Deadline (opens in new tab) that the central love triangle won't be letting up at all. While Devi goes to Ben in the season 3 finale, we've yet to learn whether she just wanted to redeem her "one free boink" coupon or actually start another relationship with her enemy-turned-lover. In the meantime, the co-creator said that she and Paxton are now at a new place in their friendship.

"We start this season off with her being still aware of the fact that she doesn’t think she’s worthy of Paxton and that she’s still beneath him," Fisher told the outlet. "And we wanted the end of the season to show that now she sees them as peers, equals. So I think we can say goodbye to Paxton as her dream guy and in Season 4, we’ll see Paxton as a person who is at the same level as her."

The co-creator stopped there to avoid spoilers, just adding, "In Season 4, there will be fun and interesting things that ensue after whatever has happened [between Devi and Ben]."

In addition to all the boy drama, Devi will be finding out whether or not she gets into her dream school, Princeton. Nalini will likely get a storyline on how she'll prepare for becoming an empty nester once Devi goes to school. Kamala and Mr. K's sweet romance has been getting more serious, so we'll see whether the couple moves to a next step (like maybe getting engaged?). 

never have i ever season 4 news cast date

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Who is joining the cast of 'Never Have I Ever' season 4?

A couple of new faces will be joining the show's final season. Per The Hollywood Reporter (opens in new tab), Love, Victor star Michael Cimino will join Sherman Oaks High as Ethan, a "skater and new heartthrob" at the school. Fisher also teased to Deadline that Nalini will get a new love interest named Andres next season, played by And Just Like That...'s Ivan Hernandez.

What have the cast and crew said about 'Never Have I Ever' season 4?

Fisher spoke with The Hollywood Reporter (opens in new tab) about what to expect in the fourth season, saying that Devi would be going into her senior year as "a bit more of a grown-up version of herself."

"I think season four is about growing up and moving on. For these characters, it’s their senior year," she said. "Who do they want to be in the world? And I think it’s like them being slightly more grown-up versions of themselves and having this kind of big, epic senior year. Hopefully, we send people off into their future lives in a way that feels satisfying to our fans."

In an interview with People (opens in new tab), Lewison expressed his excitement for season 4, calling the final run a "masterpiece."

"I think that season four is the most hilarious, heartwarming, witty, beautiful creation that I've ever been a part of," he continues. "Because you get so connected to these characters and the journeys that they go on in season four, you're watching them as you go along through the seasons, grow up before your eyes. And it's so special seeing the people that they become and the maturity that they gain, and it's written so beautifully. [Series creators] Mindy [Kaling] and Lang [Fisher] and the rest of the writing team have created this masterpiece."

Devi herself also weighed in on the Team Paxton or Team Ben debate, with Ramakrisnan telling E! Online (opens in new tab), "I'm, of course, team Devi."

"As the person playing this character, who I've become attached to and love and adore, I only want her to grow. If that means messiness, then bring it on. If that means really hard decisions, bring it on," she said.

She also added of the fourth season, "I can't say what I hope happens because what I hoped happened, did happen. I would just be giving spoilers! Season four is exactly what I would have wanted."

In a USA Today (opens in new tab) interview, Barnet gave his thoughts on where Devi and Paxton ended things, and also said that he's Team Devi.

"Anything is possible in life," he said of Devi and Paxton's chances of reconciliation. "I have reconnected with people after 10, 12 years that I haven't spoken to and hit it off just how it was and sometimes end up dating. You never know. But I do think regardless, they’re lifelong friends. I can see that for sure and potentially dating. Who knows?"

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